Why You should Join Imifanekiso?

When Imifanekiso was established, the very first clients were models. From the beginning till now we’ve been working closely with models. If you search us on Google and on other search engines you’ll probably see more photos of models, so it has been our goal and a big dream to empower the youth and help discover more amazing personalities and brands. We’ve ran photoshoot campaigns before that were a huge success and many new faces & great models were discovered.

Now we’ve decided to bring back the campaign, the only difference is that this one is designed to help aspiring models to make extra cash while building their modeling career.


Welcome Pack – Studio Photo Shoot & Imifanekiso t shirt, available once your application is approved.

FREE Profile Photo’s photo-shoot is offered every month to our active members.

30 % OFF Discount on all our packages & products.

Photo shoots are wonderful, safe and natural self-esteem booster.

Professional Photos will improve your online & social media presence.

Quality Personal photos for posters, music cd covers, art works, magazine features, promotion job applications, profile pictures etc.

Who Should Join us ?

We are looking for anyone who’s got a dream and ambition to become something, our aim is to discover and inspire. We want to help in saving the Youth from all the bad habits, it is our goal to discover and introduce new faces and fresh talent to the entertainment industry. We would like to work with anyone who’s interested in benefiting from this campaign. If you follow all the right procedures there’s more chances to get approved.

How To Join?

Please fill in the form below, if your application is successful our consultant will be intouch with you to schedule your first Photo shoot.

Please send us your images via whats-app after submitting, include your name and surname.

Whatsapp Number : 061 788 66 99

Visit us at 14 Boatman’s Road Wilsons Wharf, Durban Harbour. Call/Whatsapp 061 788 6699. All our photo shoot sessions take place in Our Photo Studio, Joining fee is R300. Only registered Models are able to claim commission and payment for promotion. Please see some of our work here http://www.facebook.com/imifanekiso


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