“Be your own role Model,” Mthokozisi Mtolo

Profiling & Branding
My name is Mthokozisi Mtkay Mtolo, from Sibizane location (Ixopo, Creighton), I was born on a warm sunny day in 05 June 1993. I grow up at Sbizana until I started a school firstly Sphamandla crèche than I went to Newtonville Primary school, enden my high school at Sonyongwana

I was raised by my dearest loving sister Duduzile Ethel Mtolo and the rest of my family because of we lost our parents so me and the rest of the family we were guided by my sister because she is the only one who is grown up in the left family members, I study until I went to Elangeni tvet college to do my hospitality course for 3 years, luckily I passed all my levels without hesitation. Then I started working at a coffee shop Ngwenya coffee shop based at Pinetown owned by young lady Cara I continue to look for a better job at ICC they phoned me to work there set up position I worked for 1month there because I got another job at Mdloti Bel-Punto restaurant it was 2018 October 02 at the kitchen as prep person and in a pass section of which it a good thing to multi-task as my boss used to say so even now he still saying the same.

As for life to me means family, church members as well as friends who you can trust and who trust you, I am more much on the happy side of life of course, but like all humans on this planet earth I do have my “Days of”. That means I do have some sad days or depressed day, but because of I do believe in God too much such a way that everything that step on my way I just lock my room turn on my gospel music loud and I sing I pray until I stand up again both my feet.

And as for my outlook on the future, I do believe that one day I will run my own restaurant because I think i do have alot information about different dishes and cultures and life inside and outside the restaurant as I said am still working on a restaurant I learn each and every day for my future company. And I also believe that one day I will advertise some brands of our local fashion designers I would love that too be on a Good spotlight some other things I have or done- I do decoration for different occasions, Program director for different ceremony of course eg church, wedding and parties etc, I am a motivational speaker, certificate in acting, stage performance and also I take part in many organizations few of them Inhlabamkhosi boys, Project 90by2030 and Seeds of tomorrow.

Words of encouragement to the youth of South Africa the universe as a whole it doesn’t matter where do you come from and who you are but what matters is the original of yourself who you are, we are tired of people who are copies of other people (Celebrities) out there be your own role model we want new fresh things other original celebrities talk less do more let your actions speak remember to invite God in everything you are planning to do from start till the end stay blessed

For more.

Email :mthokozisithidisoh@gmail.com

Instagram: mthokozisithidisoh

Instagram :Mthokozisi Mtolo

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