Today we feature a clothing brand from Matatiele, we did a photoshoot with them at uShaka Marine last Saturday. Read more about this amazing brand below.

“Yes we are from the rural roads of Matatiele but we believe that dusting ourselves off and embracing the beauty that lives within us will take us to greater heights”

BBM Team

Botle Ba Matat, here forth known as BBM, is an organisation that was founded by the youth of Matatiele. It was founded in 2012 with little initial exposure. In the year 2015 members were recruited and developed. The organisation launched with a clothing brand. This served as a stepping stone to explore other avenues, such as enhancing and transforming the talents and skills of the youth in Matatiele and surrounding areas.

Our target market is the youth and youth empowerment. We intend to work closely with other youth foundations and organisations because to empower the youth is to empower the nation, ‘’Inkunzi isematholeni”.

“The best is still yet to come. The brand is growing each and every year and it’s really overwhelming. It’s getting bigger than us now. We are working with artists around Matatiele and other places around the country”, BBM Team

“It’s getting crazy man. We are currently planning something that will accommodate everyone around SA. We want to inspire the youth of this country through our work. New brands will be born under our umbrella. We aspire to inspire before we expire ”, Major, BBM Founder

Botle Ba Matat : BBM

Profiling & Branding

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