Yolanda Hlongwane


The name is Yolanda Hlongwane from Durban Umlazi but currently staying at Chesterville, at the age of 22 years old.

I went to St’ Raphael primary school, then went to Durban Girls High School which is where I begined to see myself enjoying Dance(all kinds), that’s the phrase where I also found myself enjoying cooking which also I indeed do in IHS for two months.

I currently started working for Imifanekiso as a model. I’ll consider myself as a very driven and a passionate woman, Whereby I started the modelling career on the year 2018.

As for Dance, I have never performed for any artists But have been on a group (company) named Prosper.

Name: Yolanda
Surname: Hlongwane
Email: yolandahlongwane268@gmail.com
Cell number: 0629563168
Gender: Female
Age: 22 years old
Nationality: South African
Race: Zulu
Height: 1,56cm
Weight: 50 cm
Waist: 28/30
Waist size: S and medium
Shoe size: 4/5
Hair color- black
Eye color- brown

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