Ntandoyenkosi Radebe


Ntandoyenkosi Radebe is a 19 year old smart and intelligent lady. Was born and grew up in Port Shepstone. She is currently based in Durban due to studying.She matriculated at Mthwalume High School. She is a first year Educare student at Coastal College Durban Campus. Ntandoyenkosi choose her cause because she is a kind and caring person who’s always willing to help others and put them first. So working with young kids would perfectly suit her personality. During her high school days she participated in the school’s laddies soccer team it. It helped her relax and exercise her body. She was eliminated to take part during sports and she was regarded as the best player. Ntandoyenkosi likes music she plays a big role in the church choir. She’s also the choir master. She has played part in raising funds for buying some groceries for the ones in need in her community. In her spare time she reads books a lot. Her dream is to achieve everything she’s willing to have in life and work hard to have a great future. Most importantly she’s a God Fearing woman she believes that nothing can beat the power of prayer. Ntandoyenkosi is so focused in everything she doesn’t nothing can bring her down or distract her. She doesn’t like being treated in an awful manner.

Instagram: ntandoradebe27
Facebook: Oyintandoyenkosi Radebe
Cell number: 068 054 8675

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