Lindokuhle Njabulo Gabela


Iam Njabulo L Magabela
Iam at the age of 23, I grew up in Empangeni in KZN in rural area called Kwa-Mthethwa. In present I live in Durban at a place called Inanda Newtown A.

I went to a school in my rural area at Empangeni called Ogome Technical school where I obtained my grade 11.

I am a person who has a talent in music as well as a Rapper. I am a very kind person who can manange people, cause I had a movement I founded called 431 which had a purpose in helping those who were upcoming artist in order for them to get assistance in recording labels were not as famous as many…

From a young age I have always had a passion for modelling. listening to music is number one for me as it makes me feel so ecstatic . I have fallen so in love with modelling because I have the right attitude and I look forward to having a career under this passion I have.

On my spare time I watch movies about teen ballerinas and young singers , And I do write music in my spare time… I write according on the feeling i have as well as my mood I’m in at that particular time.

I always had a dream of becoming a star not just a star but the super star, my peers wanted to become doctors, lawyers e.t.c but all i wanted was to do modelling and music, I am willing to my all cause I know its not going to be an easy journey…

My goal would be achieving what was meant to be mine and something I worked really hard for it.

Facebook: Njabulo L Magabela
Instragram: @njabulolmagabel

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