Savage Girls


Savage Galz have been involved in local activities and performed in alot of local places, I name Sbu’s lounge from the hood at Inanda, the Encorlounge at Waterloo, Molweni, KwaMashu the list goes on. They have worked with the likes of Distraction boys, k dot, Santana, Emo kids, Quality fam and Qg(Andlile) and extensive boys so far in the entertainment industry as they are also looking forward on working with the afrotainment or westwink. Ending up having their own recording label which will be called by the group’s name ( Savage galz) is also their dream since they believe their music is a quality. Not forgetting their dream of giving back to the community where they will assist young stars in reaching their goals. Photography by IMIFANEKISO.

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