Slindile Nyambose | Imifanekiso


Shine like the whole universe is yours, they say it takes courage to be yourself and truly be confident with who you are. With this shoot we wanted to demonstrate beauty, confidence and sexiness. If you go through these images you’d see that we shot some snaps outdoors. We mixed it up with fashion and glam looks. The lights at the harbor played a magnificent role on helping us obtain that trendy Hollywood style. I mean the Model (Slindile Nyambose) did the most with her fashion sense, style, wardrobe and poses. We also did shots indoors, well these are treasure. I won’t say much but I think Slindile delivered gold here. Browse through ungezwa ngomuntu ekutshela.

Model : @slindile_nyambose

Photographer : @Senzokhaya_khambule


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